Porta Cabins, Shipping Containers

Porta cabins, Shipping Containers

We manufacture all kind of site offices, bunk houses, portable cabins or tailor made accommodation solutions, toilet solutions & laboratory units. We makes everything possible under one roof. They are long lasting, durable, sturdy and easy to move. The salient feature about the wingster cabins is that they are functional and provides enough work area. These cabins are designed to suit our customer's requirement.

Portable container is designed to meet the requirement at remote & isolate sites for use such as single executive accommodation, site camp, site offices, portable cabins. Living module, recreation room, storage units, fully equipped kitchen/washroom. Bunk house is designed & developed based on conditions for end use maintaining the highest structural stability, waterproof leakage & faultless operations under extreme climatic condition, portable bunk houses & cabins are easy for lifting, shifting & A/C can be also be installed as per client’s requirement.